Council Meetings

Meetings of Coonamble Shire Council are open to the public. Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month (except January) from 10am.  Council meetings are held at the Coonamble Shire Council chambers, with the exception of meetings held annually at Gulargambone (March) and Quambone (October).

Copies of the business paper for each meeting are available to the public on Council's website and at the Council Administration Centre, 80 Castlereagh Street, Coonamble.

Attendance of members of the public at Council meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend those sections of Council meetings not deemed confidential. They do so as observers and do not speak to the meeting or enter into debate.

Individuals or groups can arrange to address a Council meeting for a particular item listed on a business paper. To address council you are required to notify Council by no later than noon 10 days prior to the council meeting.  For further enquiries please call (02) 6827 1900 or email 

Council meetings dates, venues and times 2020 - 2021

Live Meeting

Archived Meetings

Business Papers and Minutes from Council's Committee and Council Meetings

B The Business Papers of Council meetings are available from 4pm on Council's website on the Friday before the meeting. Click here

M The Minutes of Council meetings are generally available from 4pm on Council's website on the Friday after the meeting. Click here